About our company

The Asedor Group Detective Agency operates based on license No. 0001054 issued by the Provincial Chief of Police in Gdansk and the entry into the Detective Agency Register issued by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Over a dozen years of experience in Police Criminal Defense Services and years of practice in providing detective services allowed us to form a broad network of contacts thanks to which we have access to information which is necessary in our line of work.

We treat every client individually and with our full commitment. We take as much time as is needed to complete every order; our clients do not incur unnecessary expenses.

As we provide detective services, we are obligated to observe strict confidentiality guidelines which guarantee that the subject of our agreements, all provided services as well as any necessary data – especially our client’s data – remain confidential.

Our associates include renowned companies and individuals, known on the Polish market for their professional services, including exclusive protection of businessmen as well as TV and film celebrities, protection of property, IT services, as well as services within the range of civil, family and criminal law.

The Asedor Group Detective Agency has liability insurance coverage, due to which both the agency and its clients gain legal protection.

Upon completing a service, we provide our clients with a full and clear report. Documentation of services provided by a detective agency can serve as evidence in court.

We represent our clients before common law courts, if it lies in the client’s best interest. In case of any questions, feel free to contact our agency.

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